“I had a wonderful year at Maries International house! The house and my room were very welcoming. All the amenities you provided in the house were very thoughtful. Thank you for a wonderful stay.”

– Rakhee Gawande Neuro radiology fellow

As I will leave already on Sunday (time just went by so fast!) it is my great wish to say thank you for everything. I really enjoyed my stay here and go back to Vienna with all those enriching new professional, personal, cultural etc. experiences in mind. Marie’s International House is a wonderful place, thank you for being so welcoming and friendly. I really felt at home and will always remember this great Easter Brunch, too :)”

– Irmgard Wetzstein, Fulbright visiting scholar

“I wanted to thank you for giving me such a great home. After my first place I could appeciate even more how uncomplicated and friendly the both of you handle the whole rent situation. That made me feel so much more welcome here and this way I could enjoy my stay even more. So I wish you all the best for the future!”

– Meike Lawin Department of Otolaryngology  

“So, I like it here very much. I appreciate the reconstruction and inner equipment was done with taste. I like my room as well. You thought of many details. The very important thing are the neat and friendly tenants I met here. We sit together everyday, cook together. Im glad I have chosen your place to stay.”

– Peter Svec MD Phd Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

“I wanted to tell both you and Austin that I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have lived here for a short while. The house is awesome and I really enjoyed getting to know Mieke, Rakhi, and Keichi.”

– Sunny Roy Data Analyst / Statistical Programmer, Academic Health Dpt.  

Dear Readers,

I, Morgan Le Naour, am delighted to write these few words to recommend Marie’s International house. It is quite hard to believe that I have known Rachel and Austin for over 5 years, since I began my career as a post-doctoral associate at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. As an international student/professional, it can indeed be challenging to rent any type of place before you get a social security number, but I was referred to Marie’s International house by my department (Pharmacy).

I first contacted Marie’s International house by email, and received a response right away to set-up an agreement. At that time Rachel and Austin just acquired their house, and wanted to preserve what the former landlord had established with international guests. From day one, Rachel and Austin showed to be warm, thoughtful, fun, great source of support and deeply careful about their surroundings.

Their house is ideally located along the Mississippi river at a walking distance from the University. Convenient stores, CVS, bars, restaurants etc… can easily be found on campus. The new light rail will enable to reach downtown Minneapolis and/or St Paul quite readily. It is also noticeable that Rachel and Austin remodeled Marie’s International house since I was living there, and they did a great job with regards to that.

For these reasons, I strongly suggest to international people or whoever needs a great place to live in Minneapolis near the campus to contact Marie’s international house. I am proud to say that Rachel, Austin and I are now friends and still see each other. I own them a lot and can wait to celebrate my wedding with them.

– Morgan Le Naour, post-doctoral associate